Delegate assets to Staked and start earning.

Each chain has its own staking semantics and transactions required to get started. The sections below provide a reference for integrators.

Don't see the chain you are interested in? It probably requires the Node Provisioning API


Staking Mechanics

  • No Lock-Up (delegated funds can always be reclaimed)

  • Delegated funds start accruing rewards after 7 cycles (21 days)

  • After the 7 cycles, rewards are issued every cycle (3 days), locked for 5 cycles (15 days), then paid to the baker (Staked), then paid to delegators

Staking on Tezos can be done through a single tz account. After the initial delegation, all funds associated with the tz account will be staked. This means a delegation transaction is only required once, since funds sent to the tz account in the future are automatically staked.

Set delegate to Staked

tezos-client commands: reference documentation

set delegate for src to mgr [--fee <amount>] [-D --dry-run] [--verbose-signing] [--minimal-fees <amount>] [--minimal-nanotez-per-byte <amount>] [--minimal-nanotez-per-gas-unit <amount>] [--force-low-fee] [--fee-cap <amount>] [--burn-cap <amount>]

src = your tz address mgr = Staked baker address = tz1RCFbB9GpALpsZtu6J58sb74dm8qe6XBzv


Staking Mechanics

  • Delegated funds are frozen (locked-up) for 3 days after staking transactions

Staking on Tron requires two transactions, detailed below.

Freeze Balance

On Tron, funds must be frozen before they can be staked. A freezing action moves tokens from the account balance into the frozen funds section of the account. Funds can be unfrozen 3 days after the latest freezing transaction.

Commands assume use of the Tron wallet-cli: reference documentation.

freezebalance freeze_balance days_to_freeze [ResourceCode:0 BANDWIDTH, 1 ENERGY]

freeze_balance = amount of TRX to freeze, denominated in sun (1,000,000 sun = 1 TRX) days_to_freeze = 3 ResourceCode = 1

// Example Command
freezeBalance 10000000 3 1

Stake Frozen Balance

After freezing TRX, staking is accomplished by voting for a super representative (run by Staked).

Commands assume use of the Tron wallet-cli: reference documentation.

votewitness staked_address amount_frozen

staked_address = TBsyKdNsCKNXLgvneeUJ3rbXgWSgk6paTM amount_frozen = amount of frozen TRX to stake, denominated in TRX

// Example Command (building on previous freeze command)
votewitness TBsyKdNsCKNXLgvneeUJ3rbXgWSgk6paTM 10

Unfreeze Balance

To convert frozen TRX back into the normal balance of an account, an unfreeze command must be run.

Commands assume use of the Tron wallet-cli: reference documentation.