Staked offers non-custodial open financial infrastructure upon which developers can build products and services.


    Staking-as-a-Service - Staked handles the infrastructure for staking securely and reliably. This includes the servers that run staking nodes, 24/7 monitoring to ensure uptime and reliable operation, and financial reporting.
    Robo-Advisor for Yield (RAY) - An Ethereum-based smart contract suite that rebalances among yield-generating opportunities to achieve the highest yield possible.
To programmatically retrieve the yields we offer, head on over to the Yields API
To begin staking, refer to the Delegations page
To dynamically provision nodes for chains like Ethereum 2.0, go to the Node Provisioning API
For easy access to reporting information, use the Reporting API
Developers can hook into the RAY smart contracts to offer the best lending rate to users.
Check out the RAY Intro to begin integrating!
We also offer a REST API for easy access to on-chain functionality, yields, and reporting.
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