Introduction to RAY

An introduction to the Robo-Advisor for Yield.

Staked introduces the Robo-Advisor for Yield (RAY), the easiest way to earn the highest yield on ETH, DAI, SAI, and USDC holdings. Users deposit funds into the RAY smart contract, customize which Opportunities should be considered, and an off-chain oracle monitors rates on eligible protocols. RAY automatically moves funds to the highest-yielding at option at any time. Users receive an ERC-721 token representing the value of positions they own.

RAY will support an expanding number of yield-generating opportunities, with current support for Compound, dY/dX, bZx and MakerDAO's Dai Savings Rate. Decisions about which protocols will be supported and key system variables will be handled through governance. This allows capital providers and smart contract authors to collaborate profitably in a decentralized manner.

RAY is a work in progress and several anticipated features have yet to be implemented. Please see the Roadmap and contact us if you have suggestions for greater clarity or better functionality.