Integrate with RAY and our staking infrastructure to give users yield on their idle crypto!

As a wallet, you manage the keys for a user and help them make transactions on all the blockchains you support. Once you have a method to store keys and sign transactions, integrating with Staked is incredibly easy.

If you're a smart contract wallet on Ethereum, head on over to the RAY Section and offer the best available Robo-Advisor to your users.

Otherwise, you'll be looking to integrate with our REST API. When using our REST API, all you have to worry about is signing the transaction we send you and we handle the rest! Integration only requires a few easy steps:

  1. Get an API Key

  2. Display yields with our Yields API

  3. Receive the proper transaction to sign with our RAY API or Staking API, sign it, and send it back to us

  4. Get balances with our Reporting API

And there you go! Your users can now earn income with their crypto.